PT. Panca Prima Wijaya

PT. Panca Prima Wijaya is Indonesian company that provides a one-stop solution for consultation and handling for post-harvest storage of agricultural commodities including grain fumigation and sanitation of food grain warehouses especially resistant grain pest, such as completely eradicating resistant rice weevil or rice bran lice, controlling tobacco caterpillars, grain pests in corn storage, or coffee bean grain beetle. and also pests such as insects or caterpillars or lice on wheat flour, peanuts, green beans and other grains or cereals including to kill fleas in animal feed storage. Not only for food commodities, phosphine fumigation can also be used for ships or document archive buildings such as the national library or Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), government building, as well as on bus or train fleets. We also cooperate with ministries and the National Army in order to maintain national stability, such as social rice donation or when there is an urgent need to donate rice to emergency disaster areas so that the distributed rice can be kept free of lice or resistant pest. Likewise, we supply laboratory equipment for testing and grading for the wheat, seed, grain and animal feed industries. We also supply insecticides or pesticides in addition to having experience in pest control consultations (fumigation and sanitation of agricultural commodity warehouses such as spraying or spraying on palm plantations and fogging thermal or cold).

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