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Grain Sampling Probe Aluminium Carbon Alloy Material

New Grain Sampling Probe with material of Aluminium Carbon Alloy

Grain sampling probe made in America. Material: Stainless Steel 304. Available for sampling of rice and corn.

An important tool for sampling agriculture commodities which may become non-homogeneous in the silo/warehouse. It is made of anodized aluminium and has a sharp / blunt tip point. The T-handle is turned to close the ports and the point is inserted through the bag or directly into the bulk commodity far enough to cover all the ports. The handle is turned half way, opening the cells to collect the sample, then turned back to close, and the sampler is removed.

We supply 2 kind of grain sampling probe with material of Aluminium Carbon Alloy, and material of Stainless Steel SS304. This spec is adjusted with Agriculture Ministry of Indonesia.
1) 3 holes of each Probe. Number of hole can be adjusted by customer order.
2) length of Probe can be adjusted by customer order.
3) size (length and width) of hole: fixed.
Receive order for minimum 20 pcs by Pre-Order of down payment 50%.