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Guaranteed Safe ! Effective Ways to Keep Rice Warehouse From Warehouse Pest

Want to make your rice warehouse safe from attack of rice pest and moths? Make sure you do the following steps.

The purpose of the warehousing facility is to provide safe storage for grain crops such as rice, corn, peanuts, green beans, soybeans, wheat and so on.

This safe place is created to prevent damage to crops due to changes in weather, humidity, and pests and micro-organisms such as fungi. But that does not mean that creating warehouses guarantee the crops are free of pests, even for rice stored in the form of paddy before going through the milling process or those that have been milled as white rice, both of them are susceptible to pest attacks even when they have entered the warehouse.

A good rice warehouse which can store rice in a long enough time must meet these requirements:

1 # A good rice storehouse can anticipate attacks from insects, rice mites, rats and birds.

2 # In addition, it is also efficient in using storage space as well as providing space to facilitate the collection and placing of rice/crop.

3 # Most importantly, the rice storehouse can prevent humid conditions. The moisture in the warehouse must be kept in optimal condition so that the crops are not quickly damaged or becomes rotten due to mold. The longer the rice or grain is stored in a warehouse, the lower the humidity level shall be.

It is important for the rice warehouse to maintain the cleanliness of the warehouse and the surrounding environment, so the quality of rice or grain stored in the warehouse can be maintained in good condition. To maintain warehouse cleanliness, here are some things you can do:

  • Clean the warehouse periodically, both sweeping the floor, cleaning up to the roof from dust and nests of insects and spiders. Immediately collect and clean the rice spilled on the floor.
  • Clean the warehouse every time in empty stock condition, this includes spraying walls, cracks, and wooden pallets used to stack rice with insecticides every time before using the warehouse. This spraying can use inseticide SILOGUD 250 EC for maintenance the hygiene of warehouse for rice, or other grain crops.
  • Inspect regularly to keep the warehouse from pest attacks.
  • Check once a week when the crops enter the warehouse, checking for signs of pest attacks.

If you find symptoms of a pest attack, it is suggested immediately eradicate pests with the help of a professional technician.

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