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How to Use / Apply SILOGUD 250 EC insecticide : Spraying or Fogging

How to use / apply SILOGUD insecticide : Spraying or Fogging

How to use SILOGUD in your commodity warehouse (rice / grain crops such as corn, soybeans, etc.):

1) For FOGGING applications, you can use EFM (Eco Fogging Media) liquid / WFA (Water Based Fogging agent) with the following dosage: Silogud 300-400 mL, EFM 500 mL, 4 liters of clean water so the total mixture is 5 liters .

2) For the SPRAYING application, the dosage is as follows: 0.3 mL of Silogud per 100 mL of solution (water) for 1 m2 (1 square meter).


Why does it have to be SILOGUD?

1) Active ingredients of Methyl Pirimifos. This new active ingredients is far more effective than the active ingredients that have been circulating in current market which is Peritroid such as Alfametrin, Sipermetrin, Deltametrin. Because Peritroid has been used for a long time (almost 25 years), it is strongly recommended to roll (replace) with this active ingredients, Methyl Pirimifos. If the drug is not rolled, it can cause the pests to become resistant (not dead) even though the insecticide is sprayed.

2) Production code is written in front side of the pail, so the customers can use it safely.

3) Effective against resistant pests! It has been tested in Independent Research Firm BIOTROP in Bogor and also Development Research Division of BULOG, and official report of Efficacy Test Result is available. Also equipped with MSDS, COA and officially registered at the Ministry of Agriculture's Pesticide Commission.

4) Because the SILOGUD formulations are environmental friendly, so they are odorless and leave no marks (stains) on the floor / wall of the warehouse after spraying, so workers can immediately work after spraying / fogging conduction is complete.