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Knowing the Milling Level, the Important Parameter of Determining Rice Quality from Premium to Medium Class

Rice Milling Level to know levels of rice quality, starting from the premium and medium classes. There are already established standards or SNI (Indonesian National Standard) for determine rice class.

 At present the public knows several levels of rice quality, starting from the premium and medium classes, because there are already established standards or SNI, this has previously been discussed in an article entitled "Must Know Food Heroes, 4 Rice Quality Standards Based on SNI." an important measure in determining the quality is the level of milling of the rice.

What is the Rice Milling Level ?

Based on the agricultural dictionary, the rice milling level is the percentage of the level of detachment some part of the hull (germ and the layer of the bran) that coats the rice seeds. Referring to SNI (Indonesian National Standard), then the milling level is only allowed at least 80%, it should not be lower than that.

The 0% milling level is rice that is not milled at all, while the 100% milling level is an milling condition that releases the entire perikarp, testa, aleuron and institutional layers of brown rice grain.

The milling level or degree become one of some parameter in deciding quality of rice because it reflects white color of the rice, which is liked by the consumers.

For Premium rice, the milling level must reach 100%, while for the medium class is divided into three, namely medium I with 95% milling level, Medium II with 90% milling level and Medium III with 80% milling level.

In addition to the milling level parameter, the requirements for standardizing rice are water content, the level of whiteness and transparency. To measure the milling level, the transparency and the whiteness level of rice must use special tools, namely the Rice Milling Level Meter or the Rice Quality Test Lab Equipment.

This time PT Panca Prima Wijaya introduced the Rice Milling Level Meter of Trenocci production, with this laboratory equipment, rice producers can directly measure the level of milling, the level of transparency, and the whiteness of rice. Besides being accurate, the lab testing machine for the quality of rice from Trenocci is also very practical because the results of testing will be able to be printed immediately.

To see this Trenocci Rice Milling Degree Meter demo, you can immediately see the video by >CLICK HERE.

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