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Warehouse Control Using Fumigation for Good Practices

For the distribution stage, it is important to check for the warehouse facility. Also, the most effective choice, and the safest method for pest control is fumigation.

Warehouse for production industry have some common problems such as how to deal with invasion of pests. Grain borer, grain beetle, termites, rodents, weevils, caterpillars, and others do not care about your situation. They come all the time.

On the other hands, it is important to protect the quality of your product. Protect the quality of your products from the production, shipping, to the warehouse facility. You want to make sure that your products come to your consumers at best.

For the distribution stage, it is important to check for the warehouse facility. Also, the most effective choice, and the safest method for pest control is fumigation.

Does All Warehouse Needs Fumigation?

Fumigation for warehouse is not easy. It is a professional job. There are many factors to consider. Of course, it depends on the specific product you have. For example, if you have clothing industry, it needs a different method to deal with pest of cloth.

Since fumigation is very important, there are many professional services support their offer. For example, they provide you the most effective technologies to perform this method.

Additionally, some services even provide you with a deep plan. The goal is to complete the unique needs of your industry. This way, will help you a lot to eliminate pests.

Why Do You Need Professional Service for Fumigation in Warehouse?

This method for pest control is a treatment operation. It means that it is a good solution to eliminate worst infestation. After checking your warehouse and you found there is pest infestation. Here, you must perform fumigation immediately.

Additionally, if you are talking about good practices for warehouse storage, then fumigation is something that you cannot avoid.

It does not offer a preventive action against the infestation. Therefore, after doing this method, you should follow with good storage management. It is because the re-infestation may happen after two days or even after the end of this process.

So, you want to use this method to remove infestation. Therefore, make sure that you choose the right and effective fumigant. Here, it means that the fumigant should perform a good rate of penetration. Also, make sure that the fumigant does not leave harmful residues.

You must avoid fumigant that contains methyl bromide since it damage the environment especially the ozone layer.  Please note that a failing fumigation will induce the development of insect resistance. In another word, any operation related to this method will be more delicate.


It is very important to know the effectiveness of fumigation for warehouse. It depends on the type of gas used and the dose of the gas. General fumigants for grain warehouse contain phosphine and you cannot use product contains methyl bromide.

Next, the dose of the gas, which means it should reach the lethal concentration of gas. Even the size of your warehouse, and the quantity of products to fumigate could determine. The last is the number of phosphine you need to use. Therefore, it is better for you to let the professional handle this matter for effective performance.

If you do it by yourself, make sure that you follow the instructions on the fumigants you use.

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