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Fumigation for Grain Warehouse Storage and Silos

Fumigation for grain warehouse storage or silo. You are using the storage facilities for bakeries, animal feed mills, bakeries, grain and seed warehouse, and others. Everything must be safe especially from grain pest such as grain beetle, rice weevil, rhy

Warehouse storage needs pest control. The best method is by using toxic gas. By using this method, you want to exterminate pests, especially in an enclosed space. We call this method fumigation.

To start, you have to cover the space in your warehouse storage. By doing this, it will prevent the gas to escape to the other areas. Also, this process is very important for public and environmental safety. On the contrary, if you do not cover the treated area, it will make the gas has not enough affectivity.

Of course, using fumigation for exports, you must be 100% sure to choose the right fumigant. It is because you only have a little time. However, using fumigation for domestic warehouse storage means you still have enough time for shipping. You could leave the cover for about 8 to 10 days. Make sure you use phosphine fumigant for grain storage. For the cheapest one, you can choose tablet fumigant which is Fumiphos. And for the fastest fumigation, you can choose liquid phosphine fumigant which is Fumilikuid.

It is good to know that the process is only for professional fumigators. They will calculate the dose of the chemical carefully. It depends on the temperature, the target pests, and the size of the warehouse.

Once the process is complete, it is not over yet. The fumigators have to aerate the fumigant from the structure, by following the label instructions. Next, test it with sensitive gas monitoring equipment to confirm that it is safe to re-enter the area. This way, you will get a copy of the signed and stamped fumigation certificate.

Whole-Building Fumigation For Warehouse storage

Whole-building fumigation is the ideal step to deal with the infestation of a pest in your warehouse storage. When it is severe and when there is no effective alternative pest eradication. You need to cover the whole building in a tent or all-entry, including the sealed exit points.

Here are some pests that need whole-building fumigation:

  • Ticks
  • Bed bugs
  • Termites
  • Fleas

To start the process, you need to introduce the fumigation gas for a certain time. By doing this process, the gas penetrates all areas of your warehouse. Of course, there is ventilation which is from the tent. It is important to help you reoccupy the warehouse.

Stacks Fumigation

Another way is by doing stack fumigation. It is about using the tar pining of commodities or goods under the gas-proof tarp. This is also good for warehouse storage fumigation. You have to seal the tarp to the ground by using certain methods. The purpose is to make sure that the gas level is ideal under the tarp.

The stacks could be no more than 1 cubic meter to more than 1000 cubic meter. You need to conduct all fumigation under a gas-proof tarp. So, you could call this process stack fumigation.

Chamber Fumigation

What about a fumigation chamber? Well, it means that you do fumigation in a building contains solid walls. Normally, the chamber has a built-in circulation as well as extraction equipment. Also, you must pressure test the fumigation chamber per six months to make sure that it is still functional.

Make sure that you choose the right fumigation treatment for warehouse storage. You are using the storage facilities for bakeries, animal feed mills, bakeries, grain and seed warehouse, and others. Everything must be safe.

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