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Liquid Phosphine to Kill Grain Warehouse Pests

Liquid phosphine will cover the entire grain warehouse or silo fumigation process within just 15 hours, all pest is die to tins. Fast processing is an advantage that warehouse owners enjoy.

Fumigation is an important factor in controlling pests in storage. This is the most effective method of getting rid of a wide variety of pests that can damage the grain. Every owner of grain storage must be aware that pests are the main enemy that can destroy all types of their crops. Pests also make the grains won’t be there for a long time, or the grains are damaged and eventually fail to earn profit. There is no other way but to use liquid phosphine to destroy all kinds of pests that can damage the stock.

About Liquid Phosphine Products

Phosphine is a liquid that is colorless, flammable, and also has a toxic content which, if used according to the dosage, can provide benefits. In terms of fumigation, the liquid phosphine has been treated with the right dosage so that it will eradicate insects that have the potential to damage the grain. This liquid is also packaged with various brands that can be selected as needed.

One type of fumigation product is Fumiphos which is the best product at an affordable price. This product is available in tablet form in various weight packages. Its use is very easy because you only need to put a few tablets in the silo, container, warehouse, or even the ship during the export process. As long as the storage is tightly closed and doesn't leak, Fumiphos will keep the seeds and grains safe from various types of pests. Say no more to any pests during the shipping process on a large-scale container.

Alternatively, you can choose Fumilikuid which is liquid phosphine that consists of 2% chemical active combined with CO2 as much as 98%, which will kill pests effectively. They cost more than Fumiphos, but will provide a better level of effectiveness. In just 8 to 10 hours, the fumigation process will cover the entire warehouse or container. Fast processing is an advantage that warehouse owners enjoy.

Based on the results of laboratory check, these two products provide the best guarantee. The active ingredients contained in liquid phosphine will not affect the taste and will not reduce the nutritional content of grains. And only with a minimalist aeration method, the residue can immediately disappear and leave no mark. And most importantly, in terms of environmental safety, these products do not have a dangerous impact that can contaminate the surrounding area. You can use one of these products to keep your storage off of pests.

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