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2 Types of Fumigation and Sanitation

2 types of fumigation (gas and solid) and sanitation (liquid) to exterminate grain pest. The fumigation process is simple because you just need to spread the fumigant tablets all around the enclosed warehouse or silo.

When it comes about pest control, prevention is better than cure. You don't want to regret because you didn't do anything to your warehouse and then all the grains infested by pests. As the result, you'll need to invest more money to exterminate the pests. The story would end better when you focus on prevention, making sure that the grains are safe and there's no a single bug in silo. You will get more profits instead of loss. Hence, we have to prevent the pests and the only thing we can do is fumigation. This technique requires chemical that will eliminate the pests and insects with all their eggs.

This is a crucial part to make sure the warehouse and silo is pests free. There are three ways of fumigation that will help you control the pest and you can choose one of them to match your preference.

Gas fumigation uses liquid chemical which will be converted into gaseous state. This method requires enclosed chambers or at least we have to make sure that the place covered with gas-proof material such as tarpaulin. The gas cylinder will channel the gas inside the enclosed chambers and the process is less than a day. During the gas fumigation, we shouldn't stand near the site to ensure toxic fumigants wouldn't contaminate human or animals. For this method, we suggest customers using Fumilikuid 2 GA which will help to eliminate the grain beetles.

Solid fumigation requires solid fumigant such as pellets, tablets, or powders, which its quantity measured by the area. People said that this is the most effective ways of fumigation because it kills insects in all stages, from eggs, larvae, pupae, and adults. The process is simple because you just need to spread the tablets all around the enclosed warehouse. The solid fumigant will sublimate and kill all the insects and pests surrounding. Fumiphos is the best product as solid fumigant because this one is certified by the authority.

Liquid sanitation requires sprayers to spread the liquid to the whole area. You have to mix the liquid and water with precise measurement. Then you can start to spray it thoroughly. The process is simple and safe because the insecticides won't affect human's health too much. Even though, you are still recommended to use Half Face Mask for safety reason. Other plus point of the liquid sanitation, it won't leave any stain or scent as only the pests and insect that affected by the liquid. For this, SILOGUD will be the best product to make sure the spraying process effective.

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