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Effective and Efficient Grain Warehouse Pest Control

Effective and efficient grain warehouse pest control. Process of controlling grain pests in warehouses or silos can be carried out effectively and efficiently if using SILOGUD.

Pests are the main enemy of farmers, which must be eradicated. After successfully going through the planting to harvesting process, the farmers' struggle does not stop there. There is still a threat of pests that often attack during the storage of commodities in warehouse. This is also a crucial phase because if it is not handled properly, the crops stored in silos or sacks will be wasted because they can be damaged, smell, or stick to one another. Things like this will be a nightmare for farmers so it is necessary to carry out the correct pest control process. This method will ensure that the quality of the harvest is of a good quality standard and is suitable for consumption.

One of the right ways to control pests in the grain warehouse is to monitor pests and sanitize the warehouse. In this case, the pest monitoring process can be carried out by conducting direct inspections of the harvest. Do this carefully so that if there is an indication of a pest attack, the pest control process can be carried out as soon as possible. In addition, warehouse sanitation can be done by cleaning the warehouse regularly and ensuring storage equipment is also free of pests. You can use SILOGUD products, which are liquids used for sanitizing agricultural commodity storage sheds. The active content of Pirimiphos-methyl in this product will ensure that various types of grain yields are free from pests that can affect quality and quality.

Warehouse Sanitation Process with SILOGUD

Sanitation of food commodity storage warehouses using SILOGUD must be carried out evenly. The sanitation process is also carried out thoroughly on walls, floors, storage packaging, tools used such as forklifts, to the environmental area around the warehouse. The method used for sanitation can use spraying or fogging techniques. In the spraying process, you only need to use 30 mili-liters of SILOGUD solution mixed with 1 liter water to be sprayed on an area of ​​1 square meter. While the fogging technique is carried out using EFM (Eco Fogging Media) or Water-based Fogging Agent with the recommended dosage.

The advantage of using SILOGUD for warehouse sanitation processes as pest control is that there are no dangerous side effects. After the spray or fogging process, food commodities will not smell of diesel because they do not use a mixture of diesel fuel in Silogud's active ingredients. The environmentally friendly content of this product will not produce any odors and stains that can contaminate warehouses and food commodities. On the other hand, warehouse productivity can also be increased because workers can immediately work as usual after the sanitation process is complete, considering that the residual content arising from this Silogud has been tested not to stick to food commodities. In other words, the process of controlling pests in warehouses or silos can be carried out effectively and efficiently if using SILOGUD.


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