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Tips for Choosing Fumigant for Fumigation

Choosing best fumigant for fumigation is very important. If fumigator carelessly use cheap fumigant for the grain warehouse maintenance, there will be pests that are ready to feast on the crops.

Maintaining a warehouse for food commodities such as corn, rice, palm kernel, copra, tobacco and other grains is not something easy. There are many aspects that must be considered so that the quality of the harvest is maintained. This is very important because if one does the warehouse maintenance, there will be pests that are ready to feast on the crops. One of the ways to ensure that the warehouse is pest free is to carry out fumigation. This method is effective in getting rid of various types of pests that often threaten food crops. But unfortunately, many people do not pay attention to the materials used as fumigants, thus reducing the quality and quality of food commodities in the warehouse.

Moreover, if you look at the products on the market, there are many type or brand of fumigant that are often used to eradicate pests in silos. But do you know that not all of these products are effective at getting rid of pests? Moreover, many counterfeit products can actually be dangerous, not only reduce the quality of cereal grain but also can harm humans. To avoid the undesirables, these tips will help you choose a fumigation remedy that is safe and effective against pests in grain storage.

One indication that you have used the right fumigant is that there is no change in color, shape and even taste of the commodity. The original fumigant will not affect the grain commodity, but only eradicate pests because the active ingredient is not harmful to grain.

You must be observant before buying. Make sure there is production & expired date and other important information in place so you know the correct content and period of use. Also, make sure that the production & expired date looks valid, aka not just pasted. Excellent products such as Fumiphos have a production & expired date printed to the can, not just an ordinary sticker so that FUMIPHOS is more trusted by many people.

This is very important because not all fumigant products get official labels from the government, which requires an efficacy testing process from a credible institution. FUMIPHOS has gone through the testing phase of Biotrop Bogor which has determined that this product is effective in getting rid of fleas on food grain commodities. In fact, this product is officially registered on the Indonesia Ministry of Agriculture, the Pesticides Commission.

By looking at these three aspects, you are well equipped to choose the right fumigation product to eradicate pests in food commodity warehouses. Thanks to its total decaying active substance content, FUMIPHOS is the best choice to ensure warehouses and silos are safe from all kinds of pests that can destroy the crops of Indonesian farmers.


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