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3 Places for Fumigation Process and the Guidelines

Wherever the fumigation process you are going to do, use Fumilikuid 2 GA which will ensure that all pests on food (grain) commodities die instantly.

The storage room is a heaven for pests that flourish in a closed environment. This is bad news for farmers or grain storage owners because they need closed storage space for food commodities. Not only that, farmers also often rely on other closed spaces, such as containers and ship holdings as mobility in the export and import process. In other words, wherever farmers store their food commodities, there is a big opportunity for pests to attack these commodities. The only way to ensure no pest-attack in the storage room is to conduct fumigation with Fumilikuid 2 GA.

Recommended Places for Fumigation based on the Agricultural Quarantine Agency

Based on a recommendation from the Agricultural Quarantine Agency of the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture, the implementation of fumigation process must be carried out in a gas-tight room so that the CT (Concentration Time) of the product is achieved. If this process is carried out in a room that is not tightly closed, it can lead to failure of fumigation due to ineffective gas concentrations in killing pests. Not only that, fumigant gas also has the potential to pollute the environment and endanger humans surrounding if a leak occurs in the fumigation room. If you want to carry out fumigation in one of these places, pay attention to some important things that must be done so that fumigation can effectively kill food commodity pests (grain beetle or others).

Make sure if the container to be used is gas tight. However, if the container is not gas-tight, then you need additional tools to cover all parts of the container so that the fumigant gas is not wasted (redundant) into the air. This is very important considering that containers are used as a storage medium for commodities during transportation. We must fumigate properly in order to effectively kill pests during the movement.

Warehouses and silos can be used as a place to carry out fumigation on food commodities as long as they have several criteria such as, there is a seal on the room door, have ventilation with a tight lid, and also have a blower system so that the aeration process runs effectively. If you do not have a specific closed room, at least do fumigation by covering the commodity using a tarpaulin or plastic cover for fumigation to prevent the spread of gas in the area where it shouldn't. The use of tarpaulins must also be accompanied by a weight such as a “sand snake” or “sand roll” that ensures no gas leaks through the small gaps at the bottom of fumigation tarpaulin or sheet. If you have doubts about doing independent fumigation, you can use the services of the Panca Prima Wijaya team to help carry out a safe fumigation process through virtual guideline.

  • Hold of Vessel

Apart from using containers, the storage process during sea transportation can be carried out at the ship's hold. However, there are some notes that need to be considered, the ship's hold area is feasibly used such as having a good electrical system and water flow, adequate ventilation and lighting, open spaces which connected to the fumigation room can be tightly closed, no leak either in walls or floors and most importantly, the room used for the fumigation process is not passed by people so that it does not have the potential to have a negative impact on the humans surrounding.

Wherever the fumigation process you are going to do, use Fumilikuid 2 GA which will ensure that all pests on food (grain) commodities die instantly. With Fumilikuid 2 GA, you only need 20 hours to carry out the fumigation process effectively and quickly.


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