Fumigation with Fumiphos does not change the taste, aroma and color of the grain food commodity.

Fumigant tablet FUMIPHOS 56 TB

Price : Rp.6,200,000 (around $410) for 1 box of 14 bottles (non VAT)

Volume : 500 tablets/bottle


Stored agricultural / grain food commodities are very susceptible to warehouse pests such as: Tribolium sp., Sitophilus sp., Rhyzopertha dominica, etc. To get rid of it, you need a warehouse pest fumigant FUMIPHOS that has been proven effective and efficient.

Target Commodity:

Agricultural grain / food commodities that can be fumigated with FUMIPHOS, namely: Grains (Rice, Corn, Rice Bran etc), Cereals, Nuts, Plant Seeds, Cotton, Grasses, Fruits, Preserved Fruits, Preserved Vegetables, Herbal Ingredients, Cloves, Dry Ginger , Cocoa, Coffee Beans, Tea Leaves, Pepper, Nutmeg, Tobacco Leaves, Oil Palm, Copra, Powdered Milk, Tapioca, Cassava, Animal Feed, Wood, Bamboo / Rattan, Leather Products, Palm kernel shell, Areca, Wheat Flour.

FUMIPHOS can be used in various storage areas that do not require fast mobility of goods, such as: Silos, Warehouses, Containers, Ships, Bus Fleets, Rail Carriers, Archive Buildings and others.

Dosage and Rules of Use: 2-3 tablets / 1 ton of commodity. Put the tablet after the commodity is closed tightly plastic (airtight). Let stand for 3-4 days.

FUMIPHOS advantages

  1. Does not damage the quality / nutrition of the commodity.
  2. Does not change the taste, aroma and color of the commodity.
  3. The residue is very low and is easily lost by aeration or aeration.
  4. Safe for the environment and does not damage the ozone layer.


  1. Rice milling owner owner.
  2. Feedmill / animal feed factory: corn / bran etc.
  3. Supplier of tobacco leaves for cigarette factories or cigarette factories
  4. Exporters of spices

 Advantages over other brands:

  1. The tablets are COMPLETELY TOTAL -> 100% complete reaction. 
  2. The production code is written on the Bottle Can, so the customer can be relieved.
  3. Effective against resistant pests! It has been tested to successfully overcome resistant / immune Rhyzoperta pests due to the special formulation contained in this FUMIPHOS.
  4. The results of the EFICATION TEST report are available from the independent Institute Biotrop Bogor & reports from the State-Owned Company PTPN X that the quality of Fumiphos is same to Phostoxin.
  5. Equipped with MSDS, COA (certificate of analysis), and officially registered with the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan).

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