Using liquid phosphine Fumilikuid, there is no residue in the form of ash such as tablets and the active ingredient is easily lost by aeration.

Fumigant in the form of liquid gas FUMILIKUID 2 GA
Price 1: Rp.300,000 (around US$21) / kg - non VAT
Net weight of 1 tube is 25 kg. Gross weight is around 88 kg

Price 2: Rp.320,000 (around US$23) / kg - non VAT
Net weight of 1 tube is 7 kg. Gross weight is around 25 kg


Currently in the world, there is a serious threat of agricultural / food commodities which is being attacked by RESISTENT warehouse pests such as: Rhyzopertha, Cryptolestes, Psocids. To get rid of it completely, you need a warehouse pest fumigant FUMILIKUID 2 GA which has been proven to be effective and fast within just 36 hours to be able to eradicate resistant grain beetle to the egg phase, not only adult phase.

Target Commodity:

Agricultural / grain food commodities that can be fumigated with FUMILIKUID 2 GA, namely: Grains, Cereal, Nuts, Plant Seeds, Cotton, Grasses, Fruits, Preserved Fruits, Preserved Vegetables, Herbal Materials, Cloves, Dry Ginger, Cocoa, Coffee Bean, Tea, Pepper, Nutmeg, Tobacco Leaves, Palm Oil, Copra, Powdered Milk, Tapioca, Cassava, Animal Feed, Wood, Bamboo / Rattan, Leather Products, Areca, Wheat Flour, Rice, Corn, Rice Bran, and others.

FUMILIKUID 2 GA can be used in various storage areas, especially those that require fast movement of goods in and out, such as: silos, warehouses, containers, ships, bus fleets, train cars and others.

Dosage and Rules of Use: 1 kg Fumilikuid for 10 tonnes of grain commodity. Open the tube valve after the commodity is closed tightly (air-tight) using tarpaulin sheet. Keep covering with the sheet for 36 hours.

FUMILIKUID 2 GA advantages:

  1. Does not damage the quality / nutrition of the commodity.
  2. Does not change the taste, aroma and color of the commodity.
  3. There is no residue in the form of ash such as tablets and the active ingredient is easily lost by aeration or aeration.
  4. Quickly in just 36 hours eradicate lice to egg phase.
  5. Safe for the environment and does not damage the ozone layer.


  1. Rice milling owner whose rice movement is fast.
  2. Feedmill / animal feed factory: corn / rice bran etc.
  3. Supplier of tobacco leaves for cigarette factories.
  4. Cigarette factory.
  5. Exporters of spices, palm kernel shells, fruits and vegetables.
  6. Wheat flour factory / distributor

The advantages of FUMILIKUID 2 GA liquefied gas fumigants compared to conventional fumigants, are:

  1. Non-flammable
    Eliminates spontaneous flammability due to the presence of metal phosphides, avoiding fire in a fumigated room. Not reactive to water or water vapor.
  2. Quick reaction:
    It only takes a matter of minutes to reach the required concentration level, not hours.
    In some applications, only phosphine fumigants have been approved for use within a minimum of 24 hours of application.
  3. Easy application and control:
    The dosage is easily adjusted for a suitable concentration level and the approach period indicated on the label for eradicating all forms of insects.
  4. Improve worker safety:
    Packed in a ready to use tube which reduces the chance of contact with workers. External applications can remove the constraints of confined spaces.
  5. No residue is generated or disposed of:
    It does not produce by-products in the form of waste or ash residue, eliminating the costs of dealing with waste disposal.
  6. Does not damage the ozone layer:
    Unlike existing fumigants such as Methyl bromide, FUMILIKUID® is not listed as an ozone depleting substance as applied in the Montreal Protocol.
  7. Contains CO2 (carbon dioxide) in active ingredients that can maintain the freshness of food commodities, because the nature of CO2 affects the ethylene synthesis needed in the ripening process of food commodities, especially fruits that are classified as climatic. The high concentration of CO2 in the phosphine liquid gas formulation can inhibit the biochemical process, namely inhibition of ethylene synthesis so that it can function as an inhibitor of the ripening rate.
  8. Effective against resistant pests! It has been tested successfully in overcoming resistant / immune Rhyzopertha pests due to the special formulation contained in this FUMILIKUID.
  9. The results of the EFICATION TEST report are available from the independent agency Biotrop Bogor, and also the Agricultural Quarantine Agency.
  10. Also equipped with MSDS, COA (certificate of analysis), and officially registered with the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan).

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