Silogud, the most effective insecticide to eliminate resistant pests around the warehouse for grain food commodities!

Insecticide Silogud 250 EC

Price : Rp.3,400,000 for 1 box of 4 pail - non VAT; (1 pail contains 5 liters).


Insecticide for warehouse grain pests SILOGUD 250 EC. Active ingredient: METHYl PIRIMIPHOS 250 gr / Liter.

MOST EFFECTIVE TO ELIMINATE RESISTENT PESTS around the warehouse for grain food commodities!

OFFICIALLY Registered at the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture Pesticide Commission & its QUALITY is tested on a field scale! Equipped with test & analysis results of efficacy test and residue test!

1 pail contains 5 liters. 1 box contains 4 pail.

Why should be SILOGUD?

  1. The active ingredient is Methyl pirimiphos. Other active ingredients that have been circulating in the market is Pyrethroid such as Alphamethrin, Cypermethrin, Deltamethrin.
  2. Written production date & expired date on the pail.
  3. Effective against resistant pests! It has been tested so official Efficacy Test Report is available from the independent Biotrop institution in Bogor and the Bulog Development Research Agency. Also equipped with MSDS, CoA and officially registered with the Pesticide Commission of the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture.
  4. Because the SILOGUD formulation is environmental friendly, so it does not smell and leaves no marks (stains) on the floor / walls of the warehouse after spraying, so workers can immediately work after spraying / smoking is complete.
  5. The residue has also been tested against rice so it is safe to use even though it is slightly splashed when spraying around the rice warehouse.

Advantages over other brands of insecticides:

  1. Written production date and expired date on the pail, so customers are relieved.
  2. Effective in overcoming resistant pests! It has been tested to successfully overcome Rhyzoperta pests that are resistant / immune due to the special formulation contained in this SILOGUD.
  3. The results of the EFICATION TEST report are available from the independent agency Biotrop Bogor & reports from the state-owned company PTPN X. And there is also a RESIDUE TEST report from the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture.
  4. Equipped with MSDS, CoA (certificate of analysis), and officially registered with the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan).

How to apply SILOGUD to your commodity warehouse (rice / other grain crops such as corn, soybeans, etc.):

  1. For the FOGGING application, you can use EFM (eco fogging media) liquid / white oil with the following dosages: Silogud 1 liter, white oil 1.5 liters, clean water 1 liter so that the total mixture is 5 liters.
  2. For SPRAYING (spray) applications, the dosage is 0.5 mL of Silogud per 100 mL of solution (water) for 1m2 (1 square meter).


  1. Rice milling owner.
  2. Feedmill / animal feed factory: corn / bran
  3. Supplier or distributor of tobacco leaves for cigarette factories.
  4. Chicken farm.
  5. Palm oil plantation

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