Processed Harvest Crops

Advantages of Indonesian Corn Flour Extraction

You can control pests by fumigation or spraying using the best products such as FUMILIKUID or SILOGUD.

Corn is one of the commodities that grow very well in Indonesia. Apart from its function as a substitute for rice for Indonesians, corn is also known as a plant that often processed for other purposes. Interestingly, all components of corn plants such as leaves, stems, and shoots is usually used to feed livestock. This makes people agree that corn cultivation will provide many benefits because there is no leftover from this process. In addition, low maintenance and easy planting method have made farmers choose to cultivate this corn. Indonesia's climate is also an ideal factor that makes this plant thrive.

Cornstarch Extraction

In recent years, the need for corn has increased because food industries use corn, corn flour, and cornstarch as part of food modifications. Apart from being used as a substitute for staple food, corns are processed to make syrups and artificial sweeteners. Hence, people make research with aim that corn can also be applied to a wider range of other products. So far, corn is converted into corn flour to then carry out the extraction process to determine its chemical composition and functional properties. In a journal, Indonesian researchers extracted corn flour on 3 varieties, namely Lokal Kuning, N 35, and Pulut. As a result, the highest levels of starch, amylose, free fatty acids and fiber were found in Lokal Kuning varieties. Farmers also mentioned that the Lokal Kuning variety corn kernels had better growth and were resistance to pests and diseases.

We all know that pests are a threat to farmers in Indonesia. For them, the post-harvest process is one of the crucial phases to ensure the commodities are safe. The pests are still the enemy that can destroy the crop in silo or warehouse. If the grain commodity is stored in an unsanitary place, there is a possibility of pest infestation. Pest control must be proceeded to make sure the pests won’t destroy the commodities. You can control pests by fumigation or spraying using the best products such as FUMILIKUID or SILOGUD.

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