Rice Milling Level Meter Trenocci TMD3E

TRENOCCI TMD3E to measure the whiteness, transparency and milling degree of rice.

Price : Rp. 112,000,000, - non VAT


TRENOCCI TMD3E to measure the whiteness, transparency and milling degree of rice. Having the Trenocci TMD3E rice milling level meter at your production site will improve your production performance, an unquestionable investment that every rice mill owner should have in their each factories.


Rice milling owner.

Advantages over other brands:

  1. The reading results are accurate and can be accounted for because they have been verified by the Post-Harvest Cereal Laboratory of the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture.
  2. Suitable for Southeast Asian rice varieties.
  3. The result of the reading of the milling degree is converted directly according to Indonesian National Standard in the form of a percentage with a value range of 85%, 90%, 95%, 100%.
  4. Guaranteed manufacturer's warranty.

Technical specifications :

Country of Manufacture : Italy

Measurement method : Photosensoric

Measurement parameters :

  1. Whiteness : 00.0 – 99.9
  2. Transparency : 0.00 – 9.99
  3. Milling Level : 0.0 – 199.0 ( 85 – 100 % )

Power supply± 35 Watt ( 220 V / 50 Hz )

Dimension (Size) :

  1. Length : 332 mm
  2. Width : 183 mm
  3. Height : 207 mm

Weight6.0 Kilograms

Features :

  • It has been calibrated / programmed according to the long grain rice.
  • Measurement results have been verified by the post-harvest cereal laboratory of the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture.
  • The result of measuring the milling level or degree is displayed as a consistent and accurate percentage.
  • The measuring result can be connected to a computer and can be printed optionally.

Functions :

Measure whiteness, transparency, and milling level or degree of rice.

Warranty :

1 year ( after sales service )

*) The unit Provider is willing to repair the Rice Milling Level Meter equipment that is experiencing damage during the 1 (one) year warranty period without charging all service fees including spare parts and shipping costs.

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