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Advantages of Indonesian Ginger Extraction

Ginger extraction, rhizome plant , traditional medicine, nutrients in ginger, ginger can be an alternative medicine or supplement that can be useful to keep our body healthy

Known for its rhizome plant which has a distinctive aroma and taste, ginger is widely used as a food flavoring. Plants that are included in the spice category are considered to have abundant health benefits and have been used for a long time as traditional medicine. The use of ginger is growing rapidly thanks to manufacture-level processing that uses high technology. As a result, ginger extract can be processed into medicine in capsule or powder form. Now people have more options for consuming ginger. Therefore, consumption of ginger has always increased exponentially in the past few years.

Ginger Extraction with Maceration Method

Back in the lab, researchers keep doing their things in terms of investigate the ginger with extraction. Ginger extraction aims to determine the extraction method to obtain the maximum levels of the Gingerol and Shogaol, two of the crucial components in ginger. The researchers used maceration and 3 different types of solvents. In one research journal, it was stated that the solvents used were ethyl acetate, ethanol and hexane at different time intervals. The extraction results using the maceration method showed that the highest ginger extract was obtained when using ethanol solvent within 6 hours. In a different study using red ginger as a subject, the results also showed that extraction with 96% ethanol solvent showed the highest yield.

If you look at the compounds and nutrients in ginger, we can agree that ginger used as a traditional medicine for various types of diseases. This plant is efficacious for treating minor ailments to serious illnesses. Ginger can also be used as a medicine for topical treatment as well as for consumption. Among the types of ginger plants, red ginger is considered the variant that has the highest efficacy. The results showed that red ginger contains very high amounts of essential oil and Gingerol. The oleoresin compound also provides a slightly bitter and spicy taste, making it more effective to warm the body and stimulate the healing process of inflammation.

With all of the extraction and research of ginger in the lab, we can hope that researchers can get more information about this plant so we can make optimal use of ginger. As a plant that is multipurpose and highly nutritious to treat health problems, ginger can be an alternative medicine or supplement that can be useful to keep our body healthy. Let’s hope that there will be more advantages from the ginger extraction.


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