Grain Seed Protection

How to Store Seeds Safely

Seeds are a fresh commodity that easily have a decrease in quality due to many external factors such as climate change, the sanity of the storage, and pests. Here are some tips to store your seeds safely.

Steps to store seeds

In order to keep and maintain the quality of seeds remaining the same as the first time they came from the field, you need to make sure the storage is correct. Here are some important steps that can give seed protection during the storage time.

  • Check the condition of the seeds

Before you store your seeds, the most crucial step to do is to make sure that your seeds have a good condition. The condition of the seeds will absolutely impact its storage, if the condition is bad then it would lead to quick damage due to microorganism activity.

Make sure that you only store new and dry seeds, seeds in new and dry condition will have a longer lifetime than the opposite ones.

  • Use a dry place to store

Dry place is the most perfect condition for seeds storage because it will protect the seeds from the moisture content addition.

Moisture content is a vital problem when it comes to seeds storage, because it can decrease their quality and lead to damage by microorganisms like fungi.

  • Keep seeds in airtight condition

Airtight conditions will give a good seed protection by protecting the seeds from the oxidation and also the moisture content from the outside.

Oxidation process can decrease the seeds quality and causes the seeds lifespan becoming shorter. If the container or the place you use to store your seeds is not sealed well or airtight enough, then oxidation mechanisms will exist easily and cause the degradation of the seeds nutritional contents.

  • Give label on the container

Seed storage on a large scale is more challenging than doing it in a smaller scale, because you need to control and examine the date or time when you store the seeds.

Giving a label to the container you use to store the seeds, will help you a lot to remember when their first time entering the silo or the container, so you can predict how long is their lifespan.


Seed treatments

After you understand how to store your seeds safely, the next important thing you need to understand in order to support a good seed storage is seed treatments.

Seed treatment is a process to help an unready seed harvested from the crops to become a ready seed to be stored soon.

This mechanism is done for some plants or trees that have hard coats which makes the seeds emerge harder. 


So, there are some steps that you can do to handle the hard-coated trees in order to get ready to store seed.

  • Water treatment

Hard seeds tend to absorb water least so that it will make their plantation process become harder.

Water treatment is the solution to make the seeds become softer and can be planted easier. You can soak the seeds in water for 12-48 hours. The harder the seeds, the longer the time for soaking.

  • Hot water

The next step of seed treatment that you can try is by soaking your seeds in hot water to help it become softer in a quicker time.

You can do it by soaking your seeds in boiled water for about 5-10 minutes and then cool it down to 80 degrees Celsius.

  • Mechanical method

The next step of seed treatment is the mechanical method, which can be done by removing the seed coat. This method will help the seed to absorb water more easily.


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