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Shizuoka Seiki Comet CD6E - Grain Moisture Meter made in Japan -

Grain Moisture Meter made in Japan Shizuoka Seiki Comet CD6E. To measure moisture meter for brown rice, white rice, paddy, in drying paddy, wheat, six row barley, rye, two row barley, soybeans, buckwheat, red beans, corn, rapeseed.

Grain moisture meter is very indispensable in agriculture world. Particulary for Indonesia from 2015, the central government insist all national company to promote buying all local farmer commodity such as paddy, corn. PT. Panca Prima Wijaya expecting that Indonesia agriculture can advance by the presence of this grain moisture meter.

13 item which could be measured by Comet CD-6E, and the measure range at 20℃ for each item.

1) Brown rice : 10-20%

2) White rice : 10-20%

3) Paddy : 10-36%

4) Drying paddy : 11-20%

5) Wheat : 10-36%

6) Six row barley : 10-36%

7) Rye : 10-36%

8) Two row barley : 10-30%

9) Soybeans : 10-26%

10) Buckwheat : 10-32%

11) Red beans : 13-20%

12) Corn : 12-28%

13) Rapeseed : 7-20%

Exceeded measure range beyond rate as stated above for each item, Hi/Lo will appear in the display which means the moisture meter is high / low, and it is not recommedable to market the commodity to community.

Dimension of the unit is 160 x 76 x 52 mm. Weight is 370 g for main unit.

Comet CD-6E is produced by Shizuoka Seiki Co.,Ltd on May 2016. PT. Panca Prima Wijaya hold the sole agent for all Indonesia territory and handle the after sales service.

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