Grain Seed Protection

Raw Agricultural Commodities and Animal Feed and Feed Ingredients which can be Fumigated with FUMIPHOS®

Fumigation for raw agricultural commodities, animal feed and feed ingredients, processed foods, tobacco and certain other non-food item which their grain commodity temperature is above 40°F (5° C).

FUMIPHOS® can be used for the fumigation of listed raw agricultural commodities when their commodity temperature is above 40°F(5° C).

FUMIPHOS® tablets may be added directly to animal feed, feed ingredients and raw agricultural commodities stored in bulk. For these commodities not stored in bulk, FUMIPHOS® can be placed in moisture permeable envelopes, on trays, etc., and fumigated as with processed foods.

Raw agricultural commodities and animal feed and feed ingredients which can be fumigated with FUMIPHOS® : almonds, flower seed, sesame seed, animal feed & feed ingredients, grass seed, seed & pod vegetables, barley, millet, sorghum, nuts, oats, soybeans, cashews, peanuts, sunflower seeds, cocoa beans, pecans, triticale, coffee beans, pistachio nuts, vegetable seed, corn, popcorn, walnuts, cottonseed, rice, wheat, dates, rye, filberts, safflower seed