Fumigation & Pest Control

Non-Food Commodities Including Tobacco that may be Fumigated with FUMIPHOS®

FUMIPHOS® may be used for the fumigation of listed raw agricultural commodities, animal feed and feed ingredients, processed foods, tobacco and certain other non-food items when their commodity temperature is above 40°F(5° C).

The listed non-food items that may be fumigated with PHOSTOXIN® tablets or residual dust should not contact tobacco and certain other of the non-food commodities: processed or unprocessed cotton, wool and other natural fibers or cloth, clothing, straw and hay, feathers, human hair, rubberized hair, vulcanized hair and mohair leather products, animal hides and furs, tobacco, tires (for mosquito control), wood, cut trees, wood chips, wood and bamboo products, paper and paper products, dried plants and flowers, seeds (such as grass seed, ornamental herbaceous plant seed and vegetable seed), other non-food commodities

The use of this product is strictly prohibited on single and multi-family residential properties and nursing homes, schools (except athletic fields), daycare facilities and hospitals.