Processing Machines And Quality Testing Equipment

Trenocci TGM2A Laboratory Rice Mini Grader

Trenocci TGM 2A for measuring amount of whole (full) rice, broken rice and rice groats in 100 gram sampling.

TGM - 2A features speed control thus the rotational movement of indented cylinder could be adjusted to achieve maximum separation result of rice sampling of 100 gram for whole rice, broken rice and rice groats.

All of the mechanical design and engineering is carefully manufactured in Firenze, Italy, based on samples and data supplied in order to fulfil our customers' specific need and demand. 

We guarantees unit TGM - 2A will shorten the analysis time and achieve optimum separation result.

For measuring milling level of rice, please check Trenocci TMD2E Rice Milling Level Meter

Here is the Video for Trenocci TMD2E