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Fumigation to Control Pests on Grain Warehouse

Our products for grain fumigation, Fumiphos and Fumilikuid, have been tested to eradicate all pests that infect grain. Grain Fumigation is very important to do for grain commodity related business owner.

Managing a grain warehouse is not as easy as one might think because there are many things that must be considered. Ensuring all stocks are safe from pests is one of the many aspects that must be done. For this problem, we can’t compromise so we must immediately take preventive steps so that all grain stocks are safe from pests. Otherwise, we will suffer losses because a lot of the grain will be damaged by moths, fleas, and other insects. This is a nightmare for anyone who owns a storage. The thing is, which kind of method that works best for this matter?

Among other things, the best method to control the pests is using toxic gas. It works best in an enclosed space, such as grain storage. This is what a grain fumigation is going to be, an effective method that will give no harm to grains but kill all the pests. Many grain warehouses owners use this method so it doesn't matter the scale of your storage – fumigation will work effectively. A few years ago, we need the assistance of the certified pest control that will take care all the job. But this time you can do it by yourself as you could buy calculated chemicals that easy to use. It is suitable for those who want to allocate their budgets for anything else.

Fumigation Products

The only thing you need to know is where you should buy the chemical products. Our products for grain fumigation which has active ingredient of phosphine either in form of tablet or liquid gas, Fumiphos and Fumilikuid, have been tested to eradicate pests and ticks that can infect grain. Our products for phosphine fumigation are also scalable; means that you just need to apply the chemical without calculating the dose. Now you just need to adjust with the size of the grain storage, the bigger the size requires extra dose of chemical. No need to worry about our proven products that used by warehouse owners.

Fumigation Warehouse

Another thing that you need to know is how to do grain fumigation or phosphine fumigation correctly. If you are beginner at this, make sure that you have cover that will protect the vicinity exposed by the chemical gas. Close all the doors to prevent the gas escape out of the room. It will also affect the effectiveness level because escaped gas will do nothing to your grains. Also, you should use Fumigation Full Face Mask to prevent gas contamination. Other than the environment, your body also needs protection to keep everything safe and sound.

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