Testing and Grading Equipment

Grain Sampling Probe SS304

Probe for taking sample of grain (rice, corn, soybean, etc). More »



On Testing and Grading Equipment

Handy digital scale More »

PT. Panca Prima Wijaya

Panca Prima Wijaya Co.,Ltd. is Indonesian company which serve one stop solution for consultation and handling of keeping (storage technology) agricultural commodities, testing and grading equipment for the grain, feed and seed industries. We also supply insecticide or fumigant beside has experiences of pest-control (fumigation and sanitation for agricultural commodities warehouse) consultation.

(+62) 85313200188

Fumigation & Pest Control FUMIPHOS 56 TB for Fumigation

FUMIPHOS® metal phosphide fumigants are acted upon by atmospheric moisture to produce phosphine gas. FUMIPHOS...

Rice Milling Machine COLOR SORTER OGAWA HCS-2E (Sorting Red Rice)

Video result of sorting Indonesian red rice....