Grain Seed Protection

How to Use / Application Method of FUMIPHOS Fumigant Tablet

How to use / apply fumigant rice . corn, tobacco, flour warehouse pest / tablet fumigation FUMIPHOS

How to use / apply fumigant (tablet fumigant for fumigation) FUMIPHOS 56TB :

1) Close a stack of sack filled with commodity with thick plastic sheet or tarpaulin in air-tight condition,

2) Keep the plastic condition so that there are no slight gaps or holes so the drug works very effectively.

3) Make sure the area of sack stack is in dry condition, and also make sure the moisture content of the commodity (rice / corn / animal feed / crops / grains etc.) is on ideal condition, for example not more than 20% in order to maintain the freshness of the commodity itself.

4) Fumigant tablet FUMIPHOS is placed between stack of sacks, and at the base of the wood pallets with a distance of about 1 meter between points.

5) Per point contains about 1-2 tablets of fumigant FUMIPHOS.

6) Place the fumigant tablet FUMIPHOS in a place (such as ashtray or a can) so that the gas released from the ashes is not scattered. Fumigant tablet will become phosphine gas in 3x24 hours under ideal condition. This gas will penetrate into space of sack that will kill the grain pest inside the sack.

7) Wait 3-5 days, then open the plastic sheet or tarpaulin. In the winter season, it can wait up to 5-7 days because the temperature of the room is low below 5 degree Celcius which causes the release of Phosphine gas to be slower than Summer or dry warehouse conditions.

The rate of decomposition of the tablets varies depending on the moisture and temperature. For example, when moisture and temperature of the fumigated commodity are high, decomposition may be complete in less than 3 days. However, with ambient temperatures lower than 15 degrees C, grain moisture lower than 10% or relative humidity (RH) lower than 25%, decomposition may require 5 days or more.